NVSO’s Youth Orchestra Member Auditions

2016-07-07 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Photo Credit: NVSO
Come audition to join the 2016-17 season of North Valley Symphony Orchestra’s Youth Orchestra. Advanced string players are encouraged to audition if they can attend weekly rehearsals and commit to the necessary practice. 623-980-4628, More

Casting Call for 13 The Musical

2016-07-06 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Photo Credit: MTA
Musical Theatre of Anthem is holding auditions for “13 The Musical,” a hilarious, coming-of-age story. Participants must be 12-15 years old. General vocal auditions, July 30; dance call, July 31. Check website for audition times. Musical Theatre of Anthem, 42323 N. Vision Way, 623-336-6001, ... More

Casting Call for Disney’s Aladdin KIDS

2016-07-05 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Photo Credit: MTA
Children ages 6-11 can audition for Musical Theatre of Anthem’s Disney's “Aladdin KIDS.” General vocal auditions, July 30; dance call, July 31. Check website for audition times. Musical Theatre of Anthem, 42323 N. Vision Way, 623-336-6001, ... More

Summer Performing Arts Institute

2016-07-03 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Musical Theatre of Anthem’s 2016 Summer Performing Arts Institute provides youth ages 6-18 with a two-week musical theater intensive where experienced instructors will teach them dance, tap, voice, acting and improv. $375. 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Musical Theatre of Anthem, 42323 N. Vision Way, 623-336-6001, More

Cave Creek Freedom Treasure Fest

2016-07-02 | ImagesAZ | Community

Photo Credit: Magic Bird Festivals
Artist and vendor booths will showcase an eclectic collection of boutique apparel, jewelry and accessories, repurposed home decor, original art, Native American crafts, holiday-themed goods and gourmet packaged edibles. The event will coincide with Cave Creek’s Annual Fireworks Extravaganza. Throughout the show, Roadhouse will serve adult beverages and a full menu of classic American fare. There will also be live music and entertainment featuring local bands. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Roadhouse, 6900 E. Cave Creek Rd., 480-488-3300, More

Arizona Science Center Exhibit: The World of Giant Insects

2016-07-01 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Get ready to creep and crawl with giant insects at the Arizona Science Center. Each animated, gigantic insect has its own unique sequence of movement and sound, made possible with the latest robotic technology. See website for prices and times. Arizona Science Center, 600 E. Washington St., More

Camp Rising Star

2016-07-01 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Starlight Community Theater’s 2016 Camp Rising Star has two more summer sessions for youth wanting to explore theater. Session 2, held July 11-16, is for teens ages 13-18, while Session 3, held July 18-30, is for youth and teens ages 7-18. Check website for details. Starlight Community Theater, 1611 W. Whispering Wind Dr., 623-252-6815, More

Anthem’s Presidential Scholar: Calen Firedancing

2016-06-30 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Photo Credit: Submitted
Writer Tom Scanlon   “The Greeks had a beautiful word for ‘vulgarity’; they called it apeirokalia, lack of experience in things beautiful,” wrote German-American political philosopher Leo Strauss. “Liberal education supplies us with experience in things beautiful.”   There is only one word for Calen Firedancing’s achievements at Glendale Preparatory Academy: beautiful.   Calen grew up in Anthem, but chose to follow his older brother, Kristoff, at Glendale Prep, seeking the kind of beauteous, liberal education recommended by Strauss (1899-1973).   “It’s a really unique school,” Calen says, shortly after graduation. “We read a lot of philosophy, which makes it different from most schools. It emphasizes the moral life, being a good person, doing community service. It’s about being a member of society. It’s enabled me to be one of most educated kids in America.”   And he has the award to prove that.   In May, U.S. Secretary of Education John King announced... More

Awarded: The Rotary Club of Anthem Annual Scholarships

2016-06-30 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Photo Credit: Submitted Photo of Marcella Baietto and Ashley Jones
Writer Peni Long   The Rotary Club of Anthem recently awarded five $1,000 scholarships to North Valley high school students during their May graduation and recognition ceremonies. Chosen from a record number of applicants, this year’s recipients are Karley Pillsbury and Brionna Raum (Anthem Preparatory Academy), Marcella Baietto and Ashley Jones (Boulder Creek High School), and Andrew Yancy (Sandra Day O’Connor High School).   Each scholarship supports full-time enrollment at any accredited community college, trade school or four-year college or university for the 2016-17 academic year. Applicants were sought from the two public high schools serving Anthem, as well as from any Anthem senior attending a private or parochial high school in the region. School counselors help to identify qualified students and spread the word about the scholarship program.   It’s not an easy process. Each applicant is asked to submit information on academic standing (GPA 3.0 or above required),... More

Carefree Coffee Roastery

2016-06-30 | ImagesAZ | Community

There are two ways to consume coffee: drink it, or experience it.   Experience it you will at Carefree Coffee Roastery. Owners Lars Hesse and Uta Schmidt believe that a true coffee experience is in the details, from the selection of superior quality coffee beans and flavorful teas to the welcoming and relaxed environment of the coffee shop.   This attention to detail is also reflected in the coffee’s taste. Since all roasting is done in-house, Lars is able to prevent a too common characteristic of many coffees — a burnt, bitter taste. With his nitro cold brew, he can create a smooth, less acidic coffee because he allows the beans to soak hours more than other cold brews.   Additionally, he only purchases specialty coffee, meaning his coffee has less defects and better flavor profiles. Some popular coffees he selects are the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 1 Kochere, Brazil Daterra Sweet Blue and Indonesian Sumatra Kokowagayo Fair Trade Organic.   The robust menu also reflects details... More

Bow, Barn and Brush: Alex Bauwens

2016-06-30 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Bryan Black
Writer Shannon Severson   There’s never been a time when art and horses haven’t been defining elements in the life of Alex Bauwens. An accomplished professional artist, the 27-year-old has found her true home in Arizona, a place where she can paint and pursue her passion for horses, mounted archery and competitive reining — and be part of a thriving community of creatives.   Bauwens is constantly on the move, yet nothing she does centers on immediate gratification. It’s antithetical to today’s fast-paced, wait-for-nothing mentality. Each accomplishment has been carefully prepared for, studied, shaped and earned.   “I started riding and drawing when I was 3 or 4,” says Bauwens. “My mom is an artist and she rode horses. Riding was my reward. If I could sit at the barn and draw while she was riding, I would get to ride after she was finished.”   In fact, there wasn’t much young Alex wouldn’t do to get the chance to be on a horse. She pulled weeds, mucked stalls,... More

Go Beyond Off the Shelf: Patrick Gibbons Handmade

2016-06-30 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Patrick Gibbons Handmade
Writer Lara Piu   Whether it seems like yesterday or decades ago, in 2008 you were likely affected by the housing collapse and economic recession. For North Scottsdale resident Patrick Gibbons, it marked the end of a flourishing business and successful career in land development, but it was also a chance to shake things up.   “I thought, here’s an opportunity to do something different with my life,” Patrick recalls. “So I asked myself, ‘What would you do tomorrow if you could do anything?’”   The answer came quick and easy: golf. Patrick was not on track to be a professional golfer, but he had an appreciation for high-quality golf accessories, thanks to his grandfather. In fact, at the end of his life, Patrick asked his grandfather to leave him one thing: his golf bag.   “It was an old bag that he had for decades, but I liked that it was made in the U.S., and that it had a quality that had nothing to do with today’s disposable society,” he says.   Starting with... More

An Ode to Whiskey

2016-06-29 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Brandon Tigrett
Writer Amanda Christmann   Lance Carver leans back in his chair, happily worn from a good day’s work. Pausing for a moment, he raises a tulip-shaped glass to his nose and takes a hearty whiff.   “The first thing is the scent,” he explains, then holds the amber liquid under his nose once again, taking a calm, deep breath.   “That first sniff clears your nostrils. It’s the second and third sniffs that give you some of the true flavors of a good whiskey.”   With that, he takes a small sip and rolls it around his tongue, then swallows and smiles. Whiskey is a drink that has personality and distinction of its own. It defines its enthusiasts as much as they define it, and Carver seems to fit the image.   By day, the longtime Arizona resident can be found outdoors, hiking, biking and enjoying all that the desert foothills have to offer. As hard as he plays, he works even harder. By evening, he manages Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House, one of the busiest restaurants in the... More

Meet the Saunders Family

2016-06-29 | ImagesAZ | Community

Photo Credit: Submitted by Saunders Family
Writer Grace Hill   “There are 160 million orphans in the world,” says Linny Saunders. “I can’t adopt them all, but by golly, I want to give it a shot!”   It is with that enthusiastic determination that Linny and her husband, Dwight, have maneuvered through life. During their 37 years of marriage, they have had the honor of being called Mom and Dad not just once, but 14 times. Their family consists of eight girls, six boys and a lot of love. While not many couples set out on having so many children, Linny always knew a large family was in her future.   “I spent my growing up years dreaming of someday being a mom of many — even dreaming that they would be lovingly gathered from around the world,” she says.   Yet when the time came for Linny to start her family, she discovered that bringing a child home was not happening the way she expected. Instead of allowing frustration to enter her heart, Linny decided to see the silver lining in that moment.   “We were unable... More

Learning by Giving: Lexis Preparatory School

2016-06-12 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Photo Credit: Submitted
Writer Shannon Severson   While the students at Scottsdale’s Lexis Preparatory School might not fit the mold of typical learners, they positively demolish the notion that being different precludes one from making a difference. In fact, the small but mighty group of 70 children is having an impact in their community and across the globe.   “One of our parents, Tyler Brossart, always says something that resonates with me about our purpose here at Lexis,” says head of school Bonnie Dougherty. “It’s that what we are trying to do is make our kids contributors rather than consumers. I love that quote. We want to engage them in learning by giving them the information, guiding their research and then allowing them to actually do something with what they learn.”   Lexis individually tailors its college preparatory curriculum for children who struggle with ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety and other mild to moderate learning disabilities, as well as autism and executive function deficits.... More