An Ode to Whiskey

2016-06-29 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Brandon Tigrett
Writer Amanda Christmann   Lance Carver leans back in his chair, happily worn from a good day’s work. Pausing for a moment, he raises a tulip-shaped glass to his nose and takes a hearty whiff.   “The first thing is the scent,” he explains, then holds the amber liquid under his nose once again, taking a calm, deep breath.   “That first sniff clears your nostrils. It’s the second and third sniffs that give you some of the true flavors of a good whiskey.”   With that, he takes a small sip and rolls it around his tongue, then swallows and smiles. Whiskey is a drink that has personality and distinction of its own. It defines its enthusiasts as much as they define it, and Carver seems to fit the image.   By day, the longtime Arizona resident can be found outdoors, hiking, biking and enjoying all that the desert foothills have to offer. As hard as he plays, he works even harder. By evening, he manages Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House, one of the busiest restaurants in the... More

Sculpting Space: Elizabeth Rosensteel

2016-06-08 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Submitted by Elizabeth Rosensteel
Writer Shannon Severson   Resourcefulness and reinvention is in Elizabeth Rosensteel’s DNA. Her interior design firm, Rosensteel Design Studio, is the culmination of many years — and careers — that have molded who she is today: an artist, furniture designer, sculptor, art director, inventor. Even further back, Rosensteel recalls stories of her maternal grandfather, an artist and organic gardener (before sustainability was a “thing”), and her industrious grandmother, who supported the family by weaving, making lace and working as a furrier — anything to keep her family afloat on the sparse income of an artist.   This combination of hard work and creative talent lives on in Rosensteel, but did draw concern from her mother, who feared her daughter would encounter the same hardships she had as a girl.   “I don’t think my grandparents even had running water until 1972,” says Rosensteel. “My mother said to me as I was growing up, ‘If you go into any form of the arts,... More

Against the Wind: Jason Magee Takes a Swing at Conventional Golf

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Photo Credit: Brandon Tigrett
Writer Nigel Spence   Below the Titleist ball cap and latest threads that Peter Millar has to offer, Jason Magee is a little more complex than meets the eye. To the casual observer, he looks like an average golf professional. He calls a patch of turf at the southern end of the McCormick Ranch Golf Club driving range his office and, like most instructors, his golf bag, embossed with his name, is overflowing with training clubs, swing aids, gizmos and gadgets.   But spend a little time with Jason and you will find he is as generous as he is sarcastic, and as self-deprecating as he is confident.   Most of all, he is devoted to making a difference in the golf industry.   Born and raised in small town Louisiana, Jason was not exposed to country club life. While other pros grew up taking aim on carefully manicured greens, Jason perfected his swing on the family farm, using animals in distant pastures as targets.   “If I could make them move, then I figured I’d hit a good shot,” he... More

Growing Community: The Orchard Phx

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Writer Shannon Severson   Step onto the two-acre grounds of The Orchard Phx and and you’re hit with the keen desire to relax and stay awhile. What began as a citrus farm in the early 1900s is now an unexpected oasis in Central Phoenix, mixing old and new elements to create a space that feels warm and welcoming — as if it has always been here. The signature water tower, representing the well on the property, is surrounded by pomelo trees, and the scent from the 80 citrus trees on the property perfumes the air. With three different dining options and ample outdoor space, it’s certain to become a favorite for couples, families and large groups.   “We are here to celebrate Arizona, the history of Phoenix and the five Cs of Arizona: cotton, copper, citrus, cattle and climate,” says Lucia Schnitzer, one of the owners of the project, along with her husband, Ken, and partner, Jerry Mansoor. “We have tried to capture that in the decor and on the menu. We hope that we have created... More

The Next Stage: Desert Stages Theatre

2016-05-28 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Desert Stages Theatre
Writer Rebecca Zaner   For more than 20 years, Desert Stages Theatre has called Scottsdale home. In 1995, auditions for its first production, “The Ugly Duckling,” were held in the parking lot of Scottsdale Fashion Square. Gerry and Laurie Cullity, co-founders and executive directors, auditioned 13 young hopefuls, all of whom were cast in the first of what would become more than 250 productions.   Gerry was a classically trained musician holding a master’s degree in fine arts from the Mason Gross School of Fine Arts. His career included jobs as an actor, director, playwright, lyricist and musician. Sadly, Gerry passed away a few years ago, leaving Laurie to continue the success of the theater alone. Laurie holds a bachelor’s degree in dance from Rutgers University and spent the majority of her life owning and operating dance schools.   “Gerry was a humble actor when we met in New Jersey,” Laurie shares of their beginning. “I was passionate for dance and musical theater.... More

Paper Dresses: Annie Lopez

2016-05-26 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Loralei Lazurek
Writer Donna Kublin   Over the past several decades, nationally exhibited artist Annie Lopez has consistently created new bodies of work exploring a variety of subjects. Through it, she presents a dialogue about race, stereotypes, the local art world, relationships and family, all done with a combination of frankness and humor.   A fourth-generation Phoenix resident, Lopez was recently honored with the 2016 Governor’s Arts Award for individual artist. Her work has been exhibited at museums across the country, including “Paper!” at the Phoenix Art Museum; “American Voices” at the Smithsonian Institution; “The Show” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe; “In Celebration: A Century of Arizona Women Artists,” which traveled throughout Arizona; and, most recently, “Cyanotypes: Photography’s Blue Period” at the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts. Two of her pieces are currently on exhibit at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New... More

The Athlete’s Home

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Photo Credit: The Athlete’s Home
Writer Lara Piu   Healthy living communities have been popular over the last 15 years, with homeowners now enjoying miles of walking, hiking and biking paths throughout communities like DC Ranch and Anthem, in addition to fitness centers and classes, pools, golf, medical complexes and more.   Now in other cities, the trend has made its way inside the home, with new home builders marketing wellness properties. Canyon Ranch in Tucson, for example, offers new homes designed to mimic its iconic destination spa. And in Chicago, new homes by Evolutionary Home Builders monitor and evaluate health and track stamina and performance.   In search of their own health and lifestyle-centric home, local architect, general contractor and real estate broker John Landry and his wife, Kim, took matters into their own hands. Not wanting to move out of the neighborhood they loved, they took their existing home down to the slab and started from scratch, all to create a new home catered to their... More

Rhythm and Wine Nights at Indigo Crow

2016-05-24 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Beginning June 9 and continuing each Thursday night, Indigo Crow will feature live music on the upstairs mezzanine. Call for reservations. Indigo Crow, 7100 E. Cave Creek Rd., 480-488-2187, More

Desert Foothills Gallery Hot Summer Show Reception

2016-05-24 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Enjoy prosecco and light hors d'oeuvres while meeting the artists whose work is displayed in the Desert Foothills Gallery. Free. 4 to 5:30 p.m. Desert Foothills Library, 38443 N. Schoolhouse Rd., 480-488-2286, More

Sedona’s 12th Annual National Day of the Cowboy Celebration

2016-05-24 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Grab your boots! Sedona’s National Day of the Cowboy event is back with gunfights, roping, cowboy action shooting, historical reenactments, country music, cowboy storytelling and poetry. Free. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Uptown Sedona, 928-204-2390, More

Meet the Perfect Family

2016-05-01 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Dave Perfect and his son, Tim, live and run a successful family business in Cave Creek, the same town Dave’s parents retired to many years ago when, no doubt, it was a very different community. Together, Dave and Tim have grown with the town and strived to meet its needs every step of the way. They have had their share of struggles, both business-related and personal, but have only become stronger in the process.   Dave was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1939, and attended grade and high school in Wisconsin and Michigan. He attended Stanford University, graduating with a degree in electrical engineering. While in California, he met his wife-to-be, who gave birth to their daughter, Jacque. He worked for General Electric in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. While living there, his sons, David Jr. and Tim, were born.   Despite their Midwestern roots, the elder Dave’s parents ultimately retired from Wisconsin to Cave Creek. Retirement is subjective, though, and Dave’s father, Dallas,... More

A Sense of Place; Bob Bacon

2016-05-01 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Seated in the expansive, yet intimate living room of the award-winning Bowman House in North Scottsdale, I met with its celebrated designer, Bob Bacon. My objective was to gain insight into the philosophy and career of this distinguished designer who has for several decades been involved with high-end planned developments, world-class resorts, exclusive golf communities and premier custom homes.   Aware that I was feeling more relaxed and serene than usual while conducting this interview, wanting only to sink back into the sofa and put my feet up, I was curious why I was having that reaction. Through our conversation, it became evident — it was part of the genius of Bacon’s design, principles and process.    The process began when Boulders residents Carol and Bill Bowman approached Bacon after he had completed the Boulders Resort and asked him to build them a custom home that evoked the feelings they have when they are among those magnificent boulder formations and... More

Meet the Barnett Family

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Even though Luke Barnett grew up in the church — especially a well-established church like Phoenix First Assembly — he had no intention of following in his father’s footsteps when it came to ministry.   “Although I was heavily involved in our church, I didn’t see myself leading or pastoring like my father,” says Luke. “I really enjoyed sports and played professional golf on a mini tour in college while working on my degree in business administration.”   Luke’s father, Pastor Tommy Barnett, always told him that people shouldn’t go into ministry because of any push; rather, it should be God’s calling. During that same conversation, his father mentioned that if Luke was ever asked to go speak at a neighboring church, he should try it. Two weeks later, a man called asking for someone to speak at a church in Goodyear.   “I immediately accused my dad of setting this whole thing up,” Luke says, laughing. “He swore he had nothing to do with it, and so I agreed to... More

Grape Uncorked

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Most people have a usual — that dining spot you return to again and again because you know exactly what you’ll get, and it’s exactly what you want.   There’s nothing wrong with having a usual, but sometimes breaking with tradition is equally rewarding … especially when wine is involved.   Over the next several months, we will be profiling wine bars, bistros and casual neighborhood restaurants featuring fine wine. We hope to introduce you to new places — or perhaps reacquaint you with established venues that deserve a spot on your usual list.   Wine is the star at these contemporary establishments, and its story began a long, long time ago. The origins of wine are lost in prehistory; however, archaeological evidence suggests that wine was first produced during the Neolithic period, between 9000 and 4000 B.C., in the region that roughly corresponds to modern Armenia, Georgia and Northern Iran.   As civilizations progressed, so did enthusiasm for winemaking and wine... More

Green Beauty; Charlie Green

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After years of globe-trotting glamour, British-born celebrity makeup artist Charlie Green has found inspiration and a new path in the unlikeliest of places: the Arizona desert. The frenetic pace of life in New York City first led to vacation time here, but she eventually decided to make her permanent home in Carefree. New York’s loss is Arizona’s gain; local women will soon have individual access to her 20-plus years of experience.   “Arizona has helped me,” says Green. “The slower pace of life, nature, live music, the friends I’ve made; it has helped me become the kind of person I want to be. It inspires my sense of color and has given me time to reflect and think about what’s next for me. Though I still travel internationally for photo shoots and private clients, one of my favorite things to do is work one-on-one.”   Green is eager to put her experience to work for Valley residents in a personal setting and is currently developing a website,, in... More