Meet The Bachara Family

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Eli Bachara has a bit of swashbuckling buccaneer in him. He proposed to his high school sweetheart, Alissa, at Disneyland on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Alissa, who is accustomed to Eli’s spontaneous humor, got nervous and began to reprimand Eli as he stood up mid-ride so he could get down on one knee to propose. She thought he was overzealous about getting a good picture and was afraid he would be kicked off the ride.   Eli and Alissa’s love story began when they were only 16 years old in a tiny Southern California town by the name of Tehachapi, where Eli’s cousin, Danielle, who was Alissa’s very close friend, introduced them. Alissa went to school at Antelope Valley College in California and she is currently a registered nurse certified in labor and delivery at Arrowhead Hospital. Eli went into the trades and currently owns his own business in Anthem called 3:23 Plumbing and Handyman Services, LLC. He has had a lot of success working with several different realtors in... More

Boulder Creek Bikers, Spiritline, and Soccer shine in fall

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In the second season of the Arizona High School Cycling League, Boulder Creek High School finished ninth in the state out of 31 teams — the second straight top 10 finish for the BC bikers. Isaiah Martinez, the young club team’s top racer, was crowned sophomore state champion.   “We only had five riders this year and they all had great results,” said Paul Neal, one of the club team’s coaches. Another sophomore, Brenden Bengston, came in third in the state.   Two freshman boys also did well, with Will Drubka ranking 11th overall and Chase McCormick finishing 13th in the state.   “Natalee Skoubis was our only girl and in the freshman class,” said Neal. “She finished sixth in the state.”   Led by Martinez and Bengston, the BC wheels should be spinning fast when racing begins again in the fall.   “It should be an interesting year next season,” said Neal. “Every rider is returning to the team and we have a couple new student athletes who are planning on joining... More

A Miracle for Max Barnett

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Young Max Barnett is a beautiful boy with piercing, soulful blue eyes that draw in everyone who is lucky enough to know him. He is part of a beautiful, loving family who live in North Phoenix. Unless told, one might never know the pain that the Barnett family is harboring on a daily basis. Max was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Krabbe. At least four other families are dealing with Krabbe disease in Arizona.   Krabbe disease (also known as globoid cell leukodystrophy) is an inherited disorder that destroys the protective coating (myelin) of nerve cells in the brain and throughout the nervous system. It is a progressive degenerative disorder of the nervous system that affects approximately one in every 100,000 live births. Most patients with Krabbe disease (85 to 90 percent) have the infantile form. During the first few months of life, these children develop normally, but extreme irritability, spasticity and loss of developmental milestones soon become evident, typically... More

Cahava Springs: Building Upon the Principles of Frank Lloyd Wright

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There’s a new community taking shape in Cave Creek that builds upon one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s classic principles: “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”   Cahava Springs, a 982-acre master-planned community located just north of Carefree Highway, is set to begin construction this summer. Because of its pristine location nestled into the hills behind Cave Creek Regional Park, this project is one of the most environmentally sensitive major developments in the Phoenix metro.   To help maintain the land’s integrity, developers sought the help of those who could best interpret Wright’s tenet for nature: his students.   A Partnership In February 2014, the Cahava Springs Development Corp. (CSDC) entered into a licensing agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation that contracted Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, to design a series of homes for the first of five phases for Cahava Springs.   “The organic... More

Evan Shinners a variation of classical piano

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He’s not quite a guitar-smashing rock star, yet miles from your stereotypical classical music performer. No wonder Time Out New York called him “a bona fide Bach star.”   Though catchy, that’s a bit simplistic. Evan Shinners is one complex artist, bringing everything from Rimbaud energy to a “Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” casual genius to the symphony hall. He has been known to play two pianos at once, mixing his own compositions in with Beethoven and Bach and drawing in younger audiences with his mad performance style.   Yet there is a method to his madness, as this 28-year-old — somewhere between a wunderkind and seasoned professional — is not only wildly entertaining, but also seriously talented. As The New York Times raved after witnessing his contribution to a multi-disciplinary Museum of Modern Art piece, “Evan Shinners attacked the score with a bravura that might have pleased Liszt.”   Shinners, a native of Denver who attended the Juilliard School, will play... More

That's a Wrap! Daisy Mountain Rock & Mineral Club Jewelry Classes

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Photographers Ed Winbourne and Nancy Gallagher, the rockhounds in the Daisy Mountain Rock and Mineral Club, have been on field trips to the desert and mountains for the past five years, collecting everything from geodes and Apache tears to amethyst and travertine.   Some of the rocks, such as petrified wood from Northern Arizona, can be displayed in a member’s yard or on a living room shelf. But gems such as peridot from the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, almandine garnets from Lion Springs — south of Wikieup — or other materials that members have tumble-polished present a different problem. Placing them on a shelf in a display case is one way to exhibit them, but their beauty calls for more than that; they need to be out in the world for more people to see and enjoy.   What to do with stones that have such special beauty? That was the question members of the Daisy Mountain Rock and Mineral Club asked themselves as they accumulated more and more of them. Last summer,... More

Cruise the World's Most Scenic Waterways

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From April’s tulips to December’s Christmas markets, hundreds of riverboats glide along Europe’s historic rivers and canals, which span thousands of miles of Continental waterways connecting North Sea to Black Sea. The major rivers of the world are increasingly popular vacation destinations thanks to the growing trend of riverboat cruising, one of the best ways to explore inland Europe, visiting cities, towns and villages that big ships usually can’t access. Riverboat cruises offer an alternative to both ocean cruising and land-based bus tours, combining some of the best qualities of each.   Like their counterparts on ocean cruises, riverboat cruise passengers have the luxury of unpacking just once. However, rather than unbroken expanses of ocean water, river cruisers enjoy constantly changing scenery at a more leisurely pace from their cabin windows and balconies or from the top deck lying comfortably on a lounge chair with a glass of wine or coffee in hand as the countryside... More

Meet The Zander Family

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Photo Credit: Loralei Photography
It was a Monday morning and Jerry Zander was getting ready to go to work. As assistant principal at Notre Dame Preparatory in Scottsdale, he was eager to start the day and be there for his students, but there was just one problem: about 20 javelina were blocking his driveway, protecting one of their young, and they weren’t about to move. He wasn’t quite sure what to do about the situation, so he acknowledged defeat and reluctantly called the school to tell them he would be late.   Having javelina in the driveway is a bit unfamiliar for this former math teacher and athletic director from Seattle, but it’s just one of the small adjustments he and his family have happily made since they moved to Carefree last November. Jerry, his wife, Jenny, and their two sons, Jonathan, 4, and Nicholas, 2, have enjoyed discovering the wildlife around their home. It’s a lot different than the Pacific Northwest.   “That’s part of what we love about living here,” says Jerry. “The... More

Homes Through Time

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Cave Creek Museum proudly presents the “Homes Through Time” home tour, its sixth such fundraiser, on Sunday, March 15. This year’s event promises not only four beautiful homes and a prehistoric Hohokam homesite, but also a palpable aura that connects each home to the land, to the past and to the future. Each, in its own way, makes the visitor feel rejuvenated.   A self-guided tour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the event provides the flexibility to choose the order of which properties you visit. The museum will provide a pamphlet that serves as your ticket and includes the history and a detailed description of each home. On-site docents will point out additional aspects of each home and the ruins and provide information of interest. Once you have your admission pamphlet, you can start the tour at any of the featured locations.   Tickets cost $35 per person through March 11. After this date, tickets cost $40 per person.   Blue Wash Ruins on Casanova Property While museum home tour... More

Raise the Curtain for Cactus Shadows Fine Art Center

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Photo Credit: Bryan Black - Blackswan Photographers
For 25 years she has seen laughter, tears, hope, gratitude, pride, surprise — all kinds of human emotion, except for maybe boredom. She has welcomed young and old, musicians, dancers, fine artists, filmmakers, performers, stage crew, set designers and audiences.   A vital part of the community, she has been a place of inspiration, entertainment, education, competition, creativity and community.   She is the Cactus Shadows Fine Arts Center (FAC), built to serve the needs of both school and community arts activities in the foothills.   Over the years, tens of thousands of audience members have attended multiple theatrical, musical and dance performances, assemblies, forums, art and photography exhibitions, book fairs, spelling bees and science fair displays. Thousands of people have developed and applied skills, begun careers and shared experiences.   At age 25, however, FAC is showing her age and refurbishment is needed. Major repairs to the roof and structure are being funded... More

Celebrating 40 at 14th Festival

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The Sonoran Arts League will celebrate its 40th anniversary during the 14th annual Sonoran Festival of Fine Art held in downtown Carefree March 20–22. One of the largest open-air fine art shows in the Southwest, the festival features more than 125 local and nationally-acclaimed artists.   For three days, Carefree plaza will be transformed into a vibrant and stunning outdoor gallery showcasing a wide variety of spectacular original works of art. Artwork includes oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings; stone and bronze sculpture; etchings and mixed media. There is also a vast array of pottery, photography, handcrafted jewelry and select fine crafts.   Additional festival highlights include free parking and admission, artist demonstrations, live musical performances, delicious specialty food and, new this year, a wine garden.   In honor of the Sonoran Arts League’s 40th anniversary, a celebration fundraiser will take place on Saturday evening, March 21, at the Sanderson Lincoln... More

Cave Creek's Fiest Days Rodeo

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Cave Creek’s signature event, the Fiesta Days Rodeo, has grown so much since its inception in 1977 that events will unfold over two separate weekends in March this year.   “This is the biggest event of the year, something families throughout the Valley look forward to,” says Traci Casale, president of Cave Creek Pro Rodeo. “Our volunteers work all year long to ensure it’s great. Just ask my husband; all I ever talk about is Fiesta Days!”   The kickoff will be on March 21 at 9 a.m. with the perennially popular parade that draws thousands of spectators to the core of Cave Creek. The committee anticipates a record number of entries this year, expecting it will be a big, fun spectacle. Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) commissioner Karl Stressman will serve as the parade’s grand marshal. As in past years, kids’ mutton bustin’ follows at 2 p.m. at the Buffalo Chip. For the 21 and over crowd, the official kick-off dance will start at the Chip the same night at... More

The Time is Right: Native American Art Collections

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If you are enthralled with Native American art and jewelry, now may be a good time to collect it. Whether it’s the economic upswing or a cyclical trend, there seems to be strong interest in Native American art, as evidenced by competing markets in Santa Fe this past summer.   Coordinated by SWAIA, the Southwestern Association for Indian Artists, the Santa Fe Indian Market is the largest in the world, attracting more than 175,000 people during one weekend in August. But 2014 was different, as the 93rd annual event had competition from a new show, the Indigenous Fine Art Market, which set up nearby on the same weekend. Both shows reported positive results, with some artists selling out.   Cynthia Delgado, marketing director for Tourism Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the two markets showcase the very best in both traditional and contemporary Native American art.   “Santa Fe has the enviable position of hosting the Santa Fe Indian Market for more than 90 years and the... More

Notre Dame to Notre Dame, Student Manager for the Fighting Irish

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Photo Credit: Mike Harvey
The University of Notre Dame is what it pretty much always has been: a big-time football powerhouse. There are 35 Fighting Irish grads on NFL rosters; that’s enough to field an entire professional football team. This spring, tight end Ben Koyack will probably be the first of a handful of Notre Dame seniors who will be drafted by NFL teams. The players who put their bodies (and brains) on the line for the school rightly get all the glory and praise from the 80,000 fans roaring at Notre Dame Stadium.   On the sidelines, hidden among the beasts, Ryan Harvey is one of the behind-the-scenes people making it all happen. He isn’t out there blitzing quarterbacks or making diving catches, but as one of three senior student managers, he played a key — if anonymous — role in the success of the 2014 team, which despite a late season slump finished 8-5 with a bowl win over LSU. You can say that this young man has been going to Notre Dame for a long, long time; he attended North... More

Barcelona :: Catalan Capital

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Writer Margie Boutte   Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is most often positioned as part of a broader Spanish itinerary or as a distinct destination unto itself. However, the new high-speed link to Paris is allowing for the possibility to position Barcelona as part of a two-city short break with Paris. Southwestern France also shares many cultural chords with Catalonia and would combine well on a regional itinerary, especially now that there is a high-speed link that calls at Nimes along the way.   Hosting the 1992 Olympics helped Barcelona emerge from a long period of despondency into a hip city enjoyed by culturally sophisticated travelers. The Olympics channeled investments in infrastructure and left an Olympic Port in Poblenou popular with artists in what had been a blighted neighborhood. The diversity of modern Barcelona is on display on its most famous street, Las Ramblas, which runs right through the center of the city.   It is important to understand that while Barcelona... More