Lara Piu

Beach Babe: Prepped for Pretty and the Long, Hot Summer

2014-04-28 | Lara Piu | Lifestyle

Writer Lara Piu   Do you hear that? It’s the quiet before the beauty storm.   Summer is beauty’s monsoon. Chlorine, salt water, travel, “it’s a dry heat” skin, and other look-good, feel-good beauty haboobs are here, or they’re on their way. Thinking pretty-preparedness, we toured the neighborhood in search of treatments and products to stand ready for the summer beauty storm.   Scottsdale Spa & Holistic Massage Therapy owner Marie Bernat says to begin with a good scrub. Exfoliating removes dead cells, gets lotion to work its magic, increases blood flow, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and evens-out fake tans. “Start your exfoliating rituals now,” Marie advises. “Perspiration and oil production increase during warm weather and cause a faster accumulation of dead cells.” Her lavender exfoliating scrub and marine salt scrub at Scottsdale Spa & Holistic Massage Therapy are both designed to leave the body silky smooth.   This goes for the face too, adds... More
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