Meet the Perfect Family

2016-05-01 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Dave Perfect and his son, Tim, live and run a successful family business in Cave Creek, the same town Dave’s parents retired to many years ago when, no doubt, it was a very different community. Together, Dave and Tim have grown with the town and strived to meet its needs every step of the way. They have had their share of struggles, both business-related and personal, but have only become stronger in the process.   Dave was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1939, and attended grade and high school in Wisconsin and Michigan. He attended Stanford University, graduating with a degree in electrical engineering. While in California, he met his wife-to-be, who gave birth to their daughter, Jacque. He worked for General Electric in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. While living there, his sons, David Jr. and Tim, were born.   Despite their Midwestern roots, the elder Dave’s parents ultimately retired from Wisconsin to Cave Creek. Retirement is subjective, though, and Dave’s father, Dallas,... More

From Pumpkin Picasso to Sand Sculptor; Ray Villafane Returns

2016-05-01 | ImagesAZ | Community

Jaw-dropping, how-did-he-do-that hand-sculpted pumpkins are just a slice of life for pumpkin sculptor Ray Villafane. His display at Carefree’s Enchanted Pumpkin Garden last October attracted more than 30,000 people and many major media outlets across the country. Attendees witnessed more than 400 pounds of pumpkins carved by the lord of the gourds.    This month, Villafane returns to Carefree Desert Gardens and the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion to create a bigger bang with life-size sand art sculptures.   “I’ve always wanted a sandbox,” says Villafane. “Sand is a fun medium that allows you to do something on a large scale, and since most people have played in the sand, it’s familiar.”   In the planning stages as we speak, Villafane says he’s shooting for creating a bald eagle or an owl chasing down an elusive and very quick rabbit. This piece has a footprint that is 8-feet wide, 5-feet deep and 6-feet tall.    Villafane will start on a larger piece in the center of... More

A Sense of Place; Bob Bacon

2016-05-01 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Seated in the expansive, yet intimate living room of the award-winning Bowman House in North Scottsdale, I met with its celebrated designer, Bob Bacon. My objective was to gain insight into the philosophy and career of this distinguished designer who has for several decades been involved with high-end planned developments, world-class resorts, exclusive golf communities and premier custom homes.   Aware that I was feeling more relaxed and serene than usual while conducting this interview, wanting only to sink back into the sofa and put my feet up, I was curious why I was having that reaction. Through our conversation, it became evident — it was part of the genius of Bacon’s design, principles and process.    The process began when Boulders residents Carol and Bill Bowman approached Bacon after he had completed the Boulders Resort and asked him to build them a custom home that evoked the feelings they have when they are among those magnificent boulder formations and... More