Foothills Academy Launches Online College Prep Classes

Monday 12.31.2012 @ 8:56am | ImagesAZ | Youth


Foothills Academy College Preparatory is enrolling new students for an innovative program that represents the rapidly changing demands of 21st century learners. The program offers academically advanced eleventh and twelfth graders an alternative educational setting to practice independent learning and performing through self-motivation and self-direction. It blends the highest quality web-based courseware and a strong, tightly connected support system for each student, with personnel available online and face-to face.


In this unique program model, students can earn college credits through advanced placement and dual enrollment courses, and work at their own pace, potentially graduating early. Each student follows a custom curriculum, a personal learning plan formulated with his/her advisor at the start of the program, founded in the Common Core State Standards.


The program is open to high school juniors and seniors who are self-directed and motivated, and are independent and determined learners. They should be college-bound and academically advanced. The program provides personalized learning programs and individual attention by experienced, highly qualified teachers.


Foothills Academy is excited to present this novel program. It is part of the school’s persistent effort to maintain a productive, safe educational environment where each individual can exercise whatever learning styles best support his/her own growth and development toward college and career success.


Foothills Academy is one of Arizona’s first wave charter schools, with an excelling rating for many years and currently an “A” school under the new system. Since 1995, it has been college preparatory, with outstanding results.


Spring semester begins Jan. 7.