Children’s Book Author Visits NVCA

Wednesday 2.27.2013 @ 8:25pm | ImagesAZ | Community


North Valley Christian Academy (NVCA) was a destination for popular children’s book author Cari Meister, a successful writer with over 100 published books for young readers, including Tiny (the lovable giant dog) series; The Fancy Octopus series; My Pony Jack series; Greek Myths series and King Arthur’s Adventure series, among others. In addition, she has authored several non-fiction books used to support science curricula across the United States.


Mrs. Meister began her visit in the preschool building where she delighted the students with an interactive book reading, Q & A session and book signing. Mrs. Meister also read to kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade students, following each group with fun brainstorming sessions and signing books.


NVCA was proud to host such a well-known and respected author and looks forward to sharing her stories with their students for years to come.