Holocaust Survivor Shares Lessons at Boulder Creek

Sunday 3.3.2013 @ 8:50pm | ImagesAZ | Community


Holocaust survivor Bernard Scheer will be visiting Boulder Creek High School in Anthem for the fifth time March 8 and 13. Eighty-six-year-old Scheer was born in Podhacje, Poland, which after political boundary changes is now in the Ukraine. He was a teenager when Nazi storm-troopers invaded his hometown in 1941, murdered his father, and sent the rest of his family to the death camps. Scheer was able to escape from Auschwitz and survived on his own for two years in the forests of Poland.


Scheer has written several books and memoirs about his ordeal and life experiences, including Don’t Cry Out Loud, Death of the Innocent, and The Star in the Window. He received a special award for his short story, Innocent Victim, from the staff of Scottsdale Community College where he has been a guest lecturer for many years. Scheer is also a regular lecturer at Arizona State University.


Sophomore world history and English instructors have worked for the last seven years to make sure students are able to take part in this incredible experience. This year, Mr. Huff’s theater classes are also performing vignettes about the Holocaust. The students actively participate in a curriculum that shows how the history of Western civilization gradually built towards the Holocaust over several millennia, not just in the 1930s.


This year, Scheer will be joined by his wife and daughter, Renay Leitman, who is one of several spreading the post-memory images of the value understanding the Holocaust. “As a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, my father, I undertook the position of second generation speaker and will continue in the same direction as my father to ensure the Holocaust would never happen to any people in the world.”