March 23: Elizabeth Pitcairn and the Red Violin at the Orpheum

Saturday 3.23.2013 @ 7:30pm | ImagesAZ | Community

Venue: 203 W. Adams Street in Phoenix


You are invited to share in this spectacular evening of firsts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, March 23. Join ProMusica Arizona Chorale & Orchestra (PMAZ) in its first concert at the historic Orpheum Theater, located at 203 W. Adams Street in Phoenix. PMAZ is thrilled to be sharing the stage with one of America’s most celebrated violinists, Elizabeth Pitcairn, performing in partnership with one of the world’s most legendary instruments, the “Red Mendelssohn” Stradivarius of 1720, said to have inspired the Academy Award-winning film “The Red Violin.”


Ms. Pitcairn has earned a reputation as one of America’s most beloved rising soloists. Many have said that the violin has finally found its true soulmate in the gifted hands of the young violinist, who is the first known solo artist to ever bring it to the great concert halls of the world, and who has made it her goal to share the violin’s magical beauty of sound with people of all ages, professions and cultures. Ms. Pitcairn will perform works by Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and the “Red Violin Suite” by John Corigliano, as well as works with PMAZ Orchestra and Chorale.