Honor a Veteran in a Unique Way

Saturday 6.15.2013 @ 10:13am | ImagesAZ | Community


Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, and holiday celebrations can be difficult. Consider honoring a family member’s military service to our country by giving a veteran paver that will be placed in the Anthem Veterans Memorial. A paver provides a personal and lasting tribute to the veteran in your life.


The memorial honors all veterans, living or deceased, serving in the past or present.


“My wife and two boys purchased a paver for me last year for Father’s Day. I was deployed and couldn’t celebrate the day with them,” writes one U.S. Army veteran. “When I returned for a two-week leave in November, we took a picnic to the park. The boys walked me over to the memorial and pointed to a paver with my name on it. It was a surprise I’ll never forget – I guess I didn’t know they even understood what I did for a living. My youngest touched the brick and told me he can come visit me when I’m away at work. Thank you for building this tribute to veterans and providing a place for my family to visit when I’m away.”


Veteran pavers include name, rank/rate, service branch and the years the veteran entered and left the service. Memorial committee volunteers will assist you in completing the necessary veteran paver form or answer your questions regarding special inscriptions such as KIA, MIA, POW, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, or a special infantry and battle designation. As many holidays are fast approaching, certificates of your commemoration may be downloaded. You may make your donation and complete the paver form online or in person at the Anthem Community Council Office, 3701 W. Anthem Way, Suite 102 in Anthem. Visa, MasterCard and check are accepted.


Your donation to the Anthem Way Foundation is tax deductible, minus the costs associated with the paver. You will receive a verification letter for tax purposes. Paver orders are nonrefundable and take approximately six weeks to eight weeks for placement in the memorial.