Friday 10.29.2010 @ 7:00pm | Pioneer Village | Community

Venue: Pioneer Village

Photo Credit: Michele Celentano

Haunted History

Friday, October 29th

Saturday, October 30th

$10/person (8 yrs. - adult)



Imagine yourself on a dark night in late October. The moon won’t be up for hours. Your Ghoul Guide glides up to your group asking, “Are you prepared?” You are about to embark on your journey “into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination,” a journey into myths and legends of the American Southwest.


Your Haunted History adventure at Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum is about to begin. From the safe haven of the Gazebo on Pioneer’s Village Green, you and your companions are led to one of eight buildings or houses around the perimeter of the Green. Stay with your guide! The only illumination is candlelight!


For the next 90 minutes you will be entering a world usually reserved only for denizens of the night, a Pioneer Twilight Zone. Many of the buildings at Pioneer have been moved from their original homes, from locations in remote areas of Arizona. Many have seen horrible deeds performed and, in some of them, the ghosts of the past still reside. You are about to cross the threshold into this other dimension as your Ghoul Guide escorts you to each of Pioneer’s Haunted Historians, who will relate legendary stories of Southwest disasters, murders, hangings, and lost loves.


You might meet Headless Charlie, and learn why he will never find his head. Red Ghost still haunts the roads around Phoenix; should we be worried? Have you been close to the Cave of Death? What has happened to those who have strayed too near? Could those lights dancing in the fire be two tormented souls grappling forever in angry revenge? Who knows what tale will be inspired by the imagination of your Haunted Historian?


Our pledge is to scare you with accounts of the lives of those who lived here before us; those who have refused, or have been unable, to “pass over.” No one will jump out at you with hockey masks or chainsaws. We deal only in tales of terror and heartache. Nothing more will be needed. As the hair rises on the back of your neck, as your spine begins to tingle, and as you experience a whisper of air against your cheek, you will understand. Life for our ancestors was tough, and only the strong, or the lucky, survived.


Cross over to that other dimension at the Pioneer Living History Museum, just north of Carefree Highway, off I-17. The event is the first Haunted History and will take place on October 29th and 30th. The cost is $10/person (8 yrs. - adult). Tickets are limited and presold. Call now… while there is still time! Master Card and Visa are accepted. Please call 623.465.1052 to make your reservations early.