History Comes to Life in a New Way at Cartwright's

Thursday 12.26.2013 @ 6:30pm | ImagesAZ | Community


Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House at 6710 E. Cave Creek Rd. in Cave Creek is one of the few places where a hard-working ranch hand and a high-powered businessman can dine together and both feel comfortable. It’s always been that way, even though the menu and feel continue to evolve, most recently with a stunning renovation and new menu offerings that incorporate even more history and lore.

Cartwright’s renovation elevates cowboy cuisine to a whole new level, thoughtfully melding the essence of the original ranch with modern comfort and class. Cartwright’s signature brand of Modern Ranch Cuisine melds fresh, sustainable meats and vegetables with heirloom spices, chili peppers, beans, molasses and delectable sauces, creating the base flavors of the West. Their signature quality is only enhanced with new menu selections that reflect Western roots all-the-more.

Cartwright’s artfully recreates that unpretentious charm with repurposed railroad floor tables and reclaimed wooden chairs. Twisted branches of manzanita gently glow in evening light, evoking thoughts of campfire glow lighting the desert floor. Photographs of some of Cave Creek’s most notable and interesting residents welcome guests with the appeal and hospitality of a familiar homestead, as does the friendly plaid-clad staff. A fully stocked bar featuring a large array of whiskies, tequilas and elixirs of apothecary-infused jars, including a great lineup of crafted beers and unique wines of the world, welcome patrons to the bar with the rustic charm of a fine saloon. It’s the kind of place where fine suits and blue jeans are equally appropriate.

“Our goal is to always exceed each guest’s expectations when they dine with us. It is also important to keep offering new and intriguing food and beverage items as we have throughout the many years we have been pleasing our customers,” says co-owner Eric Flatt.

Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House is more than just a restaurant; it’s a piece of history. Urbanites, locavores, foodies and Western stewards alike come for the food, but stay for the feel. Take off your hat and sit a spell – there’s always a place at the table for those who appreciate dining at its very best.