Beach Babe: Prepped for Pretty and the Long, Hot Summer

Monday 4.28.2014 @ 9:42pm | Lara Piu | Lifestyle

Writer Lara Piu


Do you hear that? It’s the quiet before the beauty storm.


Summer is beauty’s monsoon. Chlorine, salt water, travel, “it’s a dry heat” skin, and other look-good, feel-good beauty haboobs are here, or they’re on their way. Thinking pretty-preparedness, we toured the neighborhood in search of treatments and products to stand ready for the summer beauty storm.


Scottsdale Spa & Holistic Massage Therapy owner Marie Bernat says to begin with a good scrub. Exfoliating removes dead cells, gets lotion to work its magic, increases blood flow, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and evens-out fake tans. “Start your exfoliating rituals now,” Marie advises. “Perspiration and oil production increase during warm weather and cause a faster accumulation of dead cells.” Her lavender exfoliating scrub and marine salt scrub at Scottsdale Spa & Holistic Massage Therapy are both designed to leave the body silky smooth.


This goes for the face too, adds Marie. “Oils, waxes and silicones from heavier winter creams leave buildup.” Enzyme exfoliates make the skin come alive. Papaya and pineapple are her favorite enzymes, both used in the Luxurious Oxygen Facial at Scottsdale Spa & Holistic Massage Therapy.


Add waxing and tinting to enhance natural beauty. “Lash and brow tinting are especially great because you never have to worry about running mascara or having your brows wash off in the pool,” says Marie.


Who’s got your back?

Watch your back this bathing suit, backless dress and sheer shirt season. We found a Back Beautiful treatment at Par Exsalonce at Market Street at DC Ranch, which deep cleanses black heads and pores on the often out-of-sight, out-of-mind (hard-to-reach) back.


While you’re at Market Street, an organic manicure and pedicure can start summer off on the right foot at Diva Nails. Kick the chemicals with this mani/pedi that includes a sea salt glow or sugar scrub and callous removal.


Extend the life of your manicure and bring your own polish to the nail salon, or write down the color they apply so you can purchase a bottle for at-home touch ups. Keep nature on your side with a “five-free” nail polish like the chic, violet-grey polish, “Mischief” by Vapour Organic Beauty. It doesn’t have the following five carcinogens: toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphor.


Summer slim-down

Improve Wellness Center at the Princess Medical Plaza offers customized wellness programs also designed for keeping energy levels up during the hot summer. The center provides HCG+3 weight loss, vitamin packages, nutritional supplementation and other medically supervised wellness programs that come with support.

Makeup with Benefits

According to Sephora in Scottsdale Quarter, the right makeup can be your hot-weather friend. They suggest AMOREPACIFIC’s CC Cushion Compact for its lightweight Asian botanical formula that gives skin a natural, healthy glow. “It’s great for summer when you want to even out your complexion without a heavy foundation,” says spokesperson Sasha Collins. They also showed us Iluminage Beauty’s new Youth Cell Day Cream SPF 15, a super lightweight hydrating cream that enhances cell renewal, diminishes the signs of aging and shields from the sun and free radicals.


Skip the sizzle

In June, Sephora will release something for those who forego the sun for a safer summer glow. The new Per-fékt Body Bronzer promises an airbrushed, natural sunshine glow that does not have DIY written all over it. Can’t wait? Per-fékt’s Body Perfector and Body Perfection Gel both give a summer glow sans the sun.


For a professionally applied tan, Aura Day Spa in McDowell Mountain Village has a quick-drying St. Tropez spray tan, which takes about 15 minutes. St. Tropez recently added Aromaguard fragrance technology to reduce any tattle-tale self-tan aroma by 70 percent, so the secret to your sun-kissed look is not one-sniff away from being revealed.


Check out St. Tropez’s tips for making a spray tan last longer, and Marie’s tips for skin care all summer long.





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Five tips for summertime skincare

By Marie Bernat, Scottsdale Spa & Holistic Massage Therapy


1. Avoid certain services: Some services are better left to winter. Avoid aggressive peels, chemical peels, dermabrasion treatments and laser treatments in the summer. They can take you back to baby skin and make you more sensitive to sun damage and hyperpigmentation, and be counterproductive to why you are spending the money to have these treatments done. Wait until post summer, and these services will assist you with any sun damage.


2. Choose a smarter makeup line: Use a mineral makeup, like Colorescience with built-in SPF of 15-50. It will not clog your pores and won’t run into your eyes. Built-in brushes also make reapplication easy.


3. Think outside the sun: The sun is not the only enemy in the summer; heat and bug bites can also trigger hyperpigmentation and those ugly brown spots. Janssen Photo Aging Guard helps to quiet your melanin and protect your skin from heat and sun.


4. Stay hydrated: Drink 5-8 glasses of water per day and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Hydrate your skin, especially when it’s exposed to sun and the elements by adding a hyaluronic acid serum to your daily skin care. Isoflavonia Relief from Janssen helps bind moisture to the skin in a time-release formula that lasts for 10 hours. A hydrating facial will replenish dry, dehydrated skin during the summer as well.


5. Cover up: Wear a hat and sunglasses if you are outdoors for activities. I like Sun Guard; it’s an easy-to-use laundry aid that washes UV protection right into clothes helps to turn all of your clothing into a UPF 30 protection.