A Special Thank You

Saturday 5.3.2014 @ 2:14pm | ImagesAZ | Community

Photo Credit: Jerri Parness

Writer Amanda Christmann Larson


One of the perks about being editor for ImagesAZ is that occasionally, and I do mean only once in a blue moon, I can slip something into our editorial content without passing through the gatekeeping checks and balances that we generally hold dear. This is one of those opportunities, and I’d like to use it to sprinkle some much-deserved accolades on our publisher, Shelly Spence.


Shelly was recently nominated for, and won Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and while she would never put herself front and center in any situation that didn’t involve matter-of-fact parenting – either of her own four children or of those of us on the editorial staff – I can speak for all of us in saying that she is one of the most committed, deserving people in our community, and we are exceedingly proud of her, not for the recognition itself, but for her tireless work ethic and flawless integrity that has gone relatively unnoticed for so long.


So to Shelly, without further ado, and on behalf of myself, our committed staff of writers, photographers, and designers, as well as the business owners whose success you truly care about and the many, many people who have trusted us to shine a positive, inspirational light upon their lives, I say “thank you.”



Thank you for the calls of encouragement that always seem to come at the right time. Thank you for the emails you answer at 2 a.m. Thank you for the sacrifices you and your entire family make, opening your home (and sometimes dinner table) to us so that deadlines can be met. Thank you for your patience and kindness, even when we don’t deserve it. Thank you for your ceaseless integrity, and for always doing what you say you are going to do simply because it’s the right thing to do, even when others don’t hold the same ethical standards.


And thank you, most of all, for spending 14 years building a magazine that educates and inspires us all to be better people, and encourages us in the most positive of ways to embrace the personalities, places, activities and businesses that make the North Valley so incredibly special. You have built much more than three monthly publications; you’ve built a legacy of which we are all proud to be a part, not for your own personal gain, but because you care.


There is no one more deserving of this award. You’ll always be Number One in our book.