Demon Foods

Tuesday 6.17.2014 @ 10:30am | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Venue: Desert Foothills Library 38443 N. Schoolhouse Rd., Cave Creek.

Foods grown for shelf life and transport and saturated in toxic chemicals generally aren’t so great for actual consumption when it comes to nutrient value. Has science and agribusiness made the ‘perfect food’ yet?

Join us at Desert Foothills Library, 38443 N. Schoolhouse Rd. in Cave Creek June 17 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. for a ‘food-tainment’ presentation to examine the current crazes, diets, fads, fact and fiction of ‘demon foods.’ We’ll explore the foods and snacks of yesteryear and the fantastic foods of the future. We are what we eat and making good choices is based on knowledge.

The presentation includes our favorite ‘demon foods’ and some delicious, healthy alternatives. Chef Larry P. Canepa is a certified culinary educator and ‘food-tainer’ who creates a fun experience. Chef believes in the farm-to-table approach to food, education and dining and works closely with local farmers, growers, and food artisans to create a delicious and informative food experience.

Seating is limited. Register by phone.