Old Arizona: Remembering Apache Junction

2014-10-02 | ImagesAZ | Community

Photo Credit: Bryan Black
Chris Anderson was born in Arizona and has a passion for the Southwest. His family goes back six generations in the state to the 1880s, settling mostly in the area around Apache Junction and Florence. His great grandfather was a Swedish immigrant who became a gold miner in Goldfield, Arizona. Chris currently operates Spur Cross Trading Post in Cave Creek, which deals in antiques of various types and other items that reflect Southwestern heritage. Within a few months, he plans to have an art department located in the store.   In 1938, Chris’ family on his mother’s side opened a gas station at Florence Junction located a few miles north of Florence on Highway 60. Besides gas, they had a café and operated a branch of the post office that was a nice convenience for the local ranchers while also bringing in customers for their other services. They also operated a curio shop that stocked items made by natives that came down through the White Mountains into the area.   Chris’... More

Getting Back In The Saddle

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Whether you’re a novice bike rider, a seasoned expert or have never put your feet to the pedals, there’s at least one comparison to be drawn between cycling and life: both have their share of ups and downs. Sometimes, it’s all we can do to just hold on and keep riding.   For Kayla Hankins, the ride started at the humble age of seven, when she participated in her first triathlon. It was through this event that she realized her particular love for the bike, and less than a year later her enthusiasm led her to seek further training and tutelage from Mike and Lisa Kolin, head coaches and co-owners of Strada Racing Club (“Strada,” February 2014).   “Coach Mike and Coach Lisa are everything to me in cycling,” Kayla says. “They’ve taught me all I know about the bike.”   Their guidance in areas such as technique, goal setting and nutrition combined with Kayla’s indisputable natural talent have paved the way for incredible success in a short period of time. Now 11,... More

Rebuilding Lives at Brix

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Photo Credit: Bryan Black
Writer: Amanda Christmann Larson   One million. It’s a big number.    If you were to take the teeniest marks on a ruler – sixteenths of an inch – and put them back-to-back, it would take a mile of rulers to reach a million little lines. If you made a pile of dollar bills until you reached one million greenbacks, your pile would weigh a hefty 2,204 pounds.    One million seems like an unfathomable number, but when we are talking about more than one million service men and women who have returned home from war with injuries, many of them severe and life-altering, it seems as if we often turn a blind eye.   It’s one of the ugliest facts of war: When we send our heroes off to fight, they don’t always come back. Of those who do, many return with missing limbs, brain injuries, psychological trauma and other disabling conditions. The Department of Veterans Affairs quietly announced last November that the number of wounded soldiers who have served primarily in Iraq and... More

Flagstaff: As Extreme As You Want To Be

2014-09-01 | ImagesAZ | Community

Writer: Suzanne Wright   “You’re doing great. Now just let go!”   I’m about 25 feet above the ground and soaring through the air with the (almost) greatest of ease. The twenty-something, t-shirted blonde guide is grinning. He’s shouting encouragement not only to me, but also to a handful of other people who are in the adjacent treetops.   I can tell he likes his job … and why not? He spends his days in an alpine forest, coaching the adventurous into and out of trees.   I am laughing though my heart is racing. All around me as I inhale the pine-scented air, friends, family and even strangers are cheering me on. This is cool!   Flagstaff Extreme opened last year at Fort Tuthill in the cool Ponderosa pines of Coconino County, and business has been booming. The three-hour Tree Top Adventure is an elevated obstacle course. Suspended 15 to 60 feet off the ground, the experience consists of stations with suspended bridges, swings, slides, nets and hanging walls. There’s... More

Junk in The Trunk: Vintage Market

2014-09-01 | ImagesAZ | Lifestyle

Writer: Lara Piu   Three years ago a late summer road trip inspired two Valley new and soon-to-be moms to launch Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. Their newlywed husbands encouraged them to make the move after a vacation that included a hunt for vintage finds spanning Spokane, Washington to Alberta, Canada. “We had the vintage knowledge, so our husbands were like ‘Hey, you can really make a business with this,’” says Lindsey Holt. Lindsey partnered with friend and junking buddy Coley Arnold to start the market as soon as they returned.     Merely two months later, the girl’s vision and their husband’s enthusiasm culminated in the first annual market. Held in a Scottsdale backyard, the pilot event featured 23 vendors and was attended by at least 600 shoppers. “That was when we realized that this would be a lot bigger than we thought,” says Lindsey. Her conclusion was spot on. Since then, the market has grown from the backyard into WestWorld, first in its parking lot,... More

Made to Inspire

2014-09-01 | ImagesAZ | Inspiration

Photo Credit: Diana Elizabeth Photography
Writer: Lara Piu   Bubbly attitude: Check. Sunny disposition: Check. Chasing life like her pants are on fire: Double check. Kathy Cano-Murillo hasn’t changed a bit since we last spoke some 13 years ago over lunch at what was then Sam’s Café. At the time, Kathy was a staff reporter for the Arizona Republic and her glitter-meets-“Mexi-boho” craft business and blog, craftychica.com, was taking off. I’d hoped she might make the plunge into her entrepreneurial venture full-time, and dive she did.    More like an Olympic arm stand, reverse somersault, tuck dive. Since that time Kathy’s been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, NPR, HGTV, DIY Network and Lifetime TV to name a few, and her handmade Chicano pop art crafts have been sold to Bloomingdales, Target, Hallmark and more. She is a national spokesperson for ilovetocreate.com as well as a creative influencer for Lowe’s home improvement stores.   When I catch up with her, Kathy is gearing up to release the latest... More
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