Boulder Creek Visual Voice Club Communicates Through Good Design

2014-11-18 | ImagesAZ | Youth

Photo Credit: Sam Paul
Writer Barb Evans     There’s a club at Boulder Creek High School whose job is to make the other clubs look good. If given the chance, they can help you look good, too.   BC’s Visual Voice Club creates eye-catching visual communications for the school’s various clubs and organizations. By using the principles and elements of good design, members produce materials such as posters, invitations, T-shirts, advertisements and anything else you can imagine.   “We act as a real design firm,” says Alex Khoury, the club’s vice president. “We learn how to run a business by figuring costs and deciding what to charge. The clubs are our clients.”   Club president Dan Paul adds, “That’s what’s awesome about us. We are the one club that gets to work with all the other clubs.”   So far this year, they’re busy.   Current projects include T-shirt designs for DECA and FBLA, posters and fliers for the theater club’s empty bowl fundraiser and posters for several sports... More
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